SINOPIA Workshops and Student Works Exhibitions

FADA Gallery, Main Campus, Bilkent
November 24-30, 2023
Opening November 24, 2023 – 18.00

Workshop briefs and detailed information:

Exploring Sinopia

Workshop Mentor. Beata Zalewska

SINOPIA, so many meanings!

From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
si·​no·​pia sə-ˈnō-pē-ə
plural sinopias or sinopia sə-ˈnō-pē-ˌā

1: a red to reddish-brown earth pigment used by the ancients that depends for its color on its content of red ferric oxide
2: a preliminary drawing for a fresco done in sinopia

A beautiful reddish pigment with various shades, from yellow, through orange, brick red to burgundy and dark brown.

The EXPLORING SINOPIA workshop gave students the opportunity to explore the treasure coming from Cappadocia and exported to the ancient seaport of SINOP on the Black Sea coast and from there to other European centers, which served and still serves as a pigment for artists when creating ceramics, pottery, fresco painting, other painting techniques, printmaking, etc.

Some students used different shades of sinopia to create their fresco works, others were inspired by the beauty of colour when creating works using screen printing, collage and other contemporary artistic techniques.

The works that are exhibited here are those of elective students from various departments of Bilkent University who have joined the Technology of Art Course, as well as students from the Departments of Fine Arts and Graphic Design.

Workshop Participants
. Nil Yücel
. Vaha Töngür
. Berkay Çetindağ
. Aslı Neftçi
. Nilsu Kaynak
. Dila Aksu
. Metin Aydemir
. Aslı Bayram
. Gökçe Dağkılıç
. Burcu Güzeldere
. Ilgın Handaf
. Ayça Öğrük
. Selen Türk

Pigments, Colors and Textures

Workshop Mentor. Ekin Kılıç Ezer

Immersed in the rhythm of city existence, we find ourselves surrounded by textures. Texture echoing in between the pulse of the contemporary life.

The workshop participants walked around and ,using FROTTAGE technique, collected textures from sepulchral monuments at Roman Baths Historical Site in Ulus and Bilkent Main Campus. The purpose is to encounter both ancient and contemporary textures at the same facet fostering an awareness of urban life experiences.